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Clear space 5mm x 5mm

The Lekker logo must always appear on the yellow and orange curved shapes.

This ensures maximum stand out of the Lekker logo.

Website Elements - Logo.png

Use of Logo

The Lekker logo and the variant description are proportionally locked.

The variant name is centre aligned to the Letter logo.

Website Elements - Logo Useage.png

Improper use of Logo

It should not be redrawn, rescaled or reset in any way. Only the approved digital art files should be used.

Website Elements - Logo Improper Use.png


Typeface used: MTF Chubb

The typeface selected reflects the tone and the personality of the brand. These typefaces are used on the front, side and back panels of the packs and is aligned to the centre of the front panel.

Website Elements - Typeface.png

Design Typeface

This typeface can be used for front of pack, headings, to highlight important words or in the icons.

Website Elements - Design Typeface.png
Asset 32@4x.png
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