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Colour Palette

Primary colour consists of dark blue and light blue and white. 

Secondary colour consists of darker yellow and orange.

Website Elements - Colour Palette.png

Patterns & Icons

Pattern with logo

The Lekker logo pattern consists of a step repeat pattern of

the logo.

Website Elements - Pattern.png

Patterns & Icons


All icons for use.

Website Elements - Icons Callouts.png

Patterns & Icons

Product Image

The product image should be used to help communicate the variant of the product and have taste appeal. These images should be a photo realistic illustration.

Website Elements - Product Image.png

Point of Sale


A combination of the logo, front of pack yellow and orange swirl, illustration and background colour.

Website Elements - Point of Sales.png


Face Buff

The Face Buff can be branded with the Lekker Pattern or with the Lekker front of pack design.

Website Elements - Promotional Branding.png
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