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Shelf Impact. Is it still relevant?

It's time to question which beliefs are still relevant when it comes to FMCG product design and packaging. With so much shopping done on line we no longer have an opportunity to grab a shopper's attention at the coal face - in the bricks and mortar store. This means re-thinking the way we take products to trade, launch them and engage with shoppers and consumers. It is going to be even harder for new brands to enter the retail space. A great product idea is simply not enough without foot traffic in the store.

From ideation through to brand marketing we will have to develop stories around our products and brands that we can communicate and resonate with shoppers on digital and other media. The full shopper journey will look completely different to what we have relied on in the past. People will be looking to influencers and those they trust to advise them on what products they recommend. In store trial, promotions, activations, wet demos are thing of the past. From a media perspective video is the closest a customer is going to get to trial. Again this presents an opportunity to partner with influencers and build communities that are like minded and receptive to new product ideas.

So back to product and packaging would seem that we need to rethink it in terms of:

• Creating concepts that grab attention and can develop into full brand narratives.

• Packaging is likely to be viewed on multiple channels including mobile devices. Content rich front of pack designs may not work in this scenario.

• It would seem impact is now even more important than ever. In the fight for online attention where consumption is far quicker than the store environment, the brand message and product usage needs to be crystal clear.

It would be interesting to sit in this same position in a years time and review what brands have done to adjust their packaging and products for this new environment. Changing times present challenges but they also provide an experience for seasoned professionals to learn and develop their skills.



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