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Clear space 5mm x 5mm

The logo is designed in a custom typeface. The type in this logo is simple, clean and legible. The angle of incidence is 16.


The logo has a Registration mark on the top right hand side of the logo.

Website Elements - Logo.png

Improper use of Logo

The logo should not be redrawn, rescaled or reset in any way. Only the approved digital art files should be used.

Website Elements - Logo Improper Use.png


Typeface used: Avenir

This typeface can be used for Headings and Body Copy. For example: Product Profile, Website, Poster, etc.

Website Elements - Typeface.png

Design Typeface

This typeface can be used for headings, to highlight important words, in the Imana pattern and in the icons.

Website Elements - Design Typeface.png
Asset 32@4x.png
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