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Colour Palette

Our primary colours consist of the dark brown and bright yellow. 

Our secondary colours consist of a darker yellow, beige and orange.

Website Elements - Colour Palette.jpg

Colour Palette

Imana Gradient

The Imana logo must be used on a gradient/secondary colour: Pantone 123 C / wooden texture in order for the logo to be visible. 

Website Elements - Gradient.jpg


Imana has 2 slogans for use in different occasions.

Primary - Nothing Beats the Taste!

Secondary - So you know it's Good!

The Primary Slogan can be used on one line or it can be used over two lines. This slogan takes preference over the Secondary Slogan.

This slogan works well in rectangular formats.

The Secondary Slogan must be used over two lines. This slogan works well in square formats.

Website Elements - Slogan.png


Pattern 1 - Pattern with text

The pattern consists of cooking utensils, food, ingredients and text that carries the Brand Values and Ethos.

Website Elements - Pattern with text.jpg

Patterns & Icons

Pattern 2 - Pattern without text

The pattern consists of cooking utensils, food and ingredients which represents the Brand and the Brand Ethos.

Website Elements - Pattern without text.jpg

Patterns & Icons

Pattern 3 - Imana logo pattern

The Imana logo pattern consists of a step repeat pattern of

the logo.

Website Elements - Imana Logo Pattern.png

Patterns & Icons


All icons for use.

Website Elements - Icons.png

Brand Socials

Social Media Reference & Display

Putting in the social media handles should only be in communication that is taken home. Where possible, use social media icons only to indicate that the social pages exist on the respective platforms.

Website Elements - Brand Socials-09.png

Point of Sale

Washline Banner

A combination of the logo, food photography and the secondary slogan with the pattern.

Shelf Defender & Price Card

The Primary Slogan should be used for the Shelf Defender.

This Slogan works well within the rectangular format.

Base Wrap

The Base Wrap has the Imana logo pattern step repeated.

This creates a bold brand presence in store.

Website Elements - Point of Sales.png


T-Shirt & Golf Shirt Branding

A warm colour palette, represents the brand style.

Jacket Branding

Beige is a neutral colour which will compliment the other warm colours from the Imana Colour Palette.

Apron Branding

Yellow and beige options for the apron to compliment the colours from the Imana Colour Palette.

Head Wrap

The Head Wrap can be branded with the Imana Pattern or with the Imana Logo Pattern.

Website Elements - Brand Apparel.jpg


Table Cloth Branding

The Table Cloth is branded with the Imana Pattern and should always be used with a promoter dressed in the Imana branded apron and t-shirt.

Promoter Table Branding

The front of the Promoter Table is branded with the logo and Secondary Slogan.

The side panels consist of the Imana Pattern and food visual. 

Website Elements - Promotional Branding-12.png
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