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Design Process

That delivers crafted creative on time and on budget.

It's a process that requires discipline and attention to detail. 

our process
delivering excellence
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1 | Briefing

A clear understanding of the client's needs as well as how it aligns to their business capacity and processes allows our team to develop creative that is realistic and can be implemented.

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3 | Concept

Every great brand story begins with a concept. An idea that allows the creative team to develop a narrative beyond the packaging. Creative with purpose and meaning is the basic DNA of any brand. Investing time into creating a solid design concept reduces the risk of running into dead ends further down the line.

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5 | Finished Artwork

Our team is equipped to deal with printers, repro houses and media, asking the right questions pertaining to artwork preparation, die lines where required, proofing and flighting / print. Our attention to detail and dogmatic process is adhered to, to mitigate risk on the agency and client's behalf. 

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2 | Research

Asking the right questions is the most important part of a customer-centric design approach. Sometimes consumers don't know what they are looking for - what they want. The right research and questions allow us to anticipate market needs and develop ideas that will capture attention and build long term brand affinity.

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4 | Design

Our creative team is the feather in our cap. The talent that allows our great concepts to fulfil strategic objectives and develop into products and services that are adopted and loved. Great design is not a luxury - in our ever competitive environment to be heard, it is a necessity. With our clients input we develop our designs from concept through to execution.

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6 | Completion

On handover, we accompany all artwork with the relevant documentation, keeping the client informed every step of the way. Colour standards and archiving to our cloud based server is part of the job, giving client ongoing access to their artwork and maintaining archive integrity.

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