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Design Process

The creative journey begins...

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Step 1

This stage is most important stage, it acts as a roadmap wherein inputs from the client provides a crucial direction in a clear understanding of the psychology of client around the brand.

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Step 3

In this step the graphic designer explores creative ideas and ensures the design meets legal and mandatory guidelines.

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Step 5
Die Line

A die line is created which indicates the cut and fold lines of the package. The artwork is now getting ready for the print process.

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Step 2

Research is done in 3 steps:

1. Client Research

2. Market Research

3. Design Strategies 

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Step 4

The client selects their preferred design

option. Changes from the client are implemented.

The objective is to ensure the final design communicates the intended output. 

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Step 6
Print Ready

At this stage the artwork has to meet all the specified printing requirements, such as special colours, bleed and proofing.

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Step 7
Final Product

The product which started as an idea is now ready to be displayed on shelf.

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